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International and Domestic Employee Benefits in Houston, Texas, USA

Your staff needs health coverage, and working overseas does nothing to change that. International Employees Benefits in Houston, Texas, provides group health, dental insurance, vision, life, long term and short term disability, and retirement programs for your employees working in foreign countries.  Whether you’re an American overseas or an In-Pat to the U.S. we provide bench marking, consulting, implementation and administration for complete peace of mind for all your employee benefit insurance needs, including:

Group Medical • Group Dental • Group Vision•Group Life • Group Disability•Retirement Program

International Experience

With more than 30 years of handling domestic employee benefits, and over a decade of international experience, we are the company you can comfortably trust with your most valuable asset: your employees. We know that a healthy workforce is the key to productivity, and we’re committed to that cause.

Group Medical Coverage

Under the Affordable Care Act health insurance available to both individuals and groups can be tricky and risky.  We provide you with quotes from the major carriers in your market and explain the differences with the costs and coverage. Let us help you decide which of these options is best for you and your team.

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